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Ideas for Adding Color to Your Landscape

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Hiring a professional to perform landscaping Hawthorn has to offer is a great investment to beautify your outdoor space. One of the best ways to make your garden and outdoor landscape stand out is by incorporating colour into the space. With colour, you can add a new element to the design and make it more vibrant.

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When you work with professionals specialising in landscaping Hawthorn has today, you can use the following techniques to master the art of adding colour.

Use Colourful Furniture

One of the simplest ways to incorporate colour to an outdoor space is with furniture. The outdoor tables and chairs are the focal point of your outdoor space, especially if you use the area for entertaining guests. Hence, choosing colourful furniture for your garden is a simple but effective technique to achieve colour.

Choose Colourful Pots

If you’re not too keen on using colourful furniture, try using colourful pots instead. You can choose a colour scheme and achieve uniformity by having all of your flower pots the same colour. Or, you can try a variety of colours to make it more striking. If you can pair colourful pots with picturesque foliage will double the fun factor in your garden.

Paint Walls with Eye-Catching Color

If you have an empty wall in your garden or landscape area, you can paint that wall with a striking colourful. A rich hue would create a lot of drama to your outdoor space or landscape. Be extra careful when choosing a colour to paint the walls with and make sure it complements the plants and furniture.

Plant En Masse

When you are growing plants in your garden, you need to plant them in a large group. You are bound to make more impact with colour in your garden with a large group of a single hue rather than using small clusters of colourful foliage. You can use one of two techniques in this regard. First, you can grow the same plant in a large group so they look uniform and make the colour stand out even more. The second option is to grow several different plants of the same hue. You will be amazed at the visual crescendo that this technique will create.

Choosing Colourful Plants

This is the fun part of working with a professional company that offers landscaping Hawthorn has today: choosing which flowers to grow. As it turns out, there are quite plenty to choose from. Whether you grow them on your own or hire a botanist to work on your garden, it will definitely add a fun and vibrant element to your outdoor space. Visit at Desired Effect

  • Blue Flowers: Blue Hydrangea, Geranium, Hyacinth, and Bluestar
  • Pink Flowers: Allium, Peony, Bleeding Heart and Petunia
  • Orange Flowers: Iceland Poppy, Cosmos, Pot Marigold and California poppy
  • Purple Flowers: Petunia, Purple Pansy, and Heliotrope
  • Red Flowers: Zinnia, Rose, Peony, and Dahlia
  • Yellow Flowers: Sunflower, Yarrow, and Marigold

If you try these ideas, you are guaranteed to turn your simple garden into a spectacular visual treat with the addition of colour. More info at http://www.desiredeffect.net.au/landscaping-hawthorn/