The Rise of Voluntourism: The Ins and Outs and the Basics to Enrich your Holiday Experience

One of the best ways travelers can make a difference while having experiences that are rewarding and life-changing during their trip abroad is by volunteering in charities. Everyone from tourists, gap-year students to extravagance voyagers have had the desire to lend a helping hand during their vacation times since this era of voluntourism has gained traction. Anywhere in the world, like in Africa, the Philippines, and Fiji orphanage volunteering has been known to provide a better traveling experience to myriads of people from all walks of life. For example, becoming a volunteer in a Fijian orphanage gave much more fulfilling experiences to tourists since they feel good inside to be able to help the less fortunate ones compared to just lounging around on a beach or at a hotel resort.

What does Voluntourism mean?

When a trip has a volunteer component aside from the primary purpose of traveling, the tourists go thru an event called Voluntourism. While volunteering means that the main purpose of traveling is to work or to serve charities for a greater cause, a volunteer may involve themselves in voluntourism by traveling while serving the community of the country she visited as part of the experience. For example, if you travel to Fiji, you can search a reliable Fiji orphanage volunteering program before the trip and schedule an appointment to be able to help out while you’re on holiday there. Check Involvement Volunteers International for more details.

How to prepare for your first Voluntourism trip:

To help you determine whether the charity like a Fiji orphanage volunteering trip is suitable for you, we have compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself prior to making an appointment. These are also great guidelines for you to make certain that you’re volunteering responsibly:

·         Check your qualifications and prepare a copy of your resume.

·         Ask what the minimum time commitment is.

·         Ask if they have or what are the different policies with regards to making direct interaction with the children if you signed up for a program on Fiji orphanage volunteering.

·         For volunteering with an orphanage, sometimes they require a fee or donation of some sort. Ask the firm on how much it will be exactly and what the appropriations are.

·         To protect the children in the orphanage from potential abuse from other ill-intentioned volunteers, ask the facilitators if they have certain regulations in place.

·         Do a background research any news articles or reports from known organizations like UNICEF. Check of the orphanage you contacted and are interested with have been mentioned in the past.

·         Try to get the testimonials of past volunteers and ask about their experience with the organization.

Reasons to volunteer while on a holiday:

1.       You can make a positive impact on those children’s lives and hopefully to help others while on vacation.

2.       You can immerse yourself in good feelings and make the most out of your holiday experience instead of just doing nothing of great impact.

3.       You can have the opportunity to catch a unique insight on life and get acquainted into a new culture.

4.       You can improve your professional affiliations by giving your CV a boost and showing future employers that have experienced working in more interesting settings.