Important Seed Buying Aspects You Shouldn’t Ignore

The beautiful grass or healthy fodder you want to see in your garden is easy to achieve if you mind the quality of the seeds you use. Time when people could just get into a shop and buy the available seeds to plant in the garden is over. People today are more into technological agricultural systems where quality is highly embraced. If you choose high-quality seeds, you would be sure of quality grass or fodder in your garden. This means where you buy your seeds matters. It is good for both small and large scale farmers to know a few of the reputable Australian seed companies from where they can get quality hybrid seeds. However, they should consider a few things about the quality seeds they intend to buy:

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Light requirements

It is good to know the light requirements of the seeds you want to buy. All plants can’t thrive or survive in the same sunlight requirements. For instance, chard seeds prefer occasional light with maximum shade while beets would thrive in full sun daily. This aspect is important to consider especially if you want to introduce a new breed into the garden. There are seed professionals in most Australian seed companies who could help you choose the right seeds based on their light requirements.


Plant spacing can’t be ignored in row farming or gardening. Most farmers who plant in rows follow certain spacing rules for a great harvest. Although some people like it when the plants are crowded, it doesn’t always meet your quality and quantity requirements. Spacing plants ensures each plant has enough soil nutrients and with reduced competition for sunlight and space. Most Australian seed companies sell seeds with labels indicating how the spacing should be done among other planting requirements.

Fertilization and soil type

Every time you go to buy seeds to plant in your garden, you need to know what their fertilizer and soil requirements are. This may not be easy especially for those who don’t usually buy their seeds from seed companies. It is good to know that while some seeds thrive in red soil, others may prefer black cotton soil or even clay soil. Moreover, the type of fertilizer they need for growth and its mode of application could also be different. It is, therefore, important to find seed company in Australia that offers advice to buyers and farmers especially on this aspect.

Pest and disease resistance

Farmers know that seed species are different especially in the way they resist pests and diseases. It is not always economical buying seeds that would always require disease and pest control practices every time. It is possible to get seeds of the same species, but with good adaptability and resistance to lethal diseases and destructive pests. You can get more information and clarification concerning this from any of the reputable seed companies in Australia.

Buying seeds for the sake of filling your garden with something may only lead into waste. It is always to be sure you are planting quality seeds with an expectation of a good harvest. Although you could assess the quality of the seeds on the shelf using your eyes, it’s not always accurate. It’s hard to identify some of the characteristics of quality seeds unless you find best seed companies and get help from those who package them.