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Family Notes
Ambystomatidae Mole Salamanders. Similar to Lungless Salamanders (Plethodontidae) but distinguished by absence of nasolabial grooves. Variable in appearance, but usually with a compact, strong body. 1 Genera, 19 Species in the database.
Amphiumidae Amphiumas and Eel Newts. Adults with external gill slits and lungs. Long, slender eel-like body with very small legs that seem to serve no obvious purpose. Amphiumidae have the largest red blood cells of any vertebrate animal known to man. 1 Genera, 3 Species in the database.
Cryptobranchidae Giant Salamanders and Hellbenders. Family of aquatic salamanders with large head and small eyes. Tail is shorter than the body and strongly compressed. 1 Genera, 1 Species in the database.
Dicamptodontidae 1 Genera, 2 Species in the database.
Plethodontidae Lungless Salamanders. The only family of Salamanders that reach the southern Hemisphere. All lack lungs, even terrestrail forms breath exclusively through their skin. Groove runs from the nostril to the margin of the upper lip. 18 Genera, 118 Species in the database.
Proteidae Olms and Waterdogs. Adults have both adult and larval characteristics. 1 Genera, 5 Species in the database.
Rhyacotritonidae 1 Genera, 4 Species in the database.
Salamandridae Fire Salamanders and Newts. 5 Genera, 9 Species in the database.
Sirenidae 2 Genera, 3 Species in the database.

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