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277 Secrets Your Snake Wants You to Know
In this "sssss"cintillating follow-up to her immensely popular dog- and cat-focused titles, Cooper offers hilarious anecdotes about her favorite fork-tongued friends--with an additional section on lizards.

Ball Python Manual
Learn the most accurate and up-to date information on the husbandry and propagation of this misunderstood species, including tips on how to overcome problems related to feeding.

Ball Pythons

Basic Care of Rough Green Snakes
Details about caring for your pet rough green snake.

Boas & Pythons: Breeding and Care

Boas: Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, and Behavior

California Kingsnakes: Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity

Color Guide to Corn Snake
This book provides a colorful collection of photos and information on this popular snake and its varieties.

Describes the physical characteristics, habitat, and behavior of copperhead snakes.

Coral Snakes
Describes the physical characteristics, habitat, and behavior of coral snakes.

Coral Snakes of the Americas
A discussion of biology and evolution explicates topics such as ecology, feeding, reproduction, biogeography, and mimicry and cannibalism.

Corn Snake Manual

Corn Snakes : Reptile Keeper's Guide

Corn Snakes and Other Rat Snakes
This book has every bit of information pet Corn Snake owners are looking for. There are great colour photos, and each page has a detailed sketch.

Encyclopedia of Snakes
Each chapter consists of a main theme containing text, photographs and diagrams. There is a detailed coverage of snake classification, evolution, natural diversity, size, shape and coloration, physiology, ecology, feeding, defensive behavior, breeding, mythology, superstition and modern human attitudes to snakes.

Garter Snakes (Animals & the Environment)
Describes the physical characteristics, habitat, and behavior of the common garter snake.

Garter Snakes and Water Snakes
About snakes of the genus Thamnopis and Nerodia.

Garter Snakes: Natural History & Care in Captivity
Captive care for Thamnophis.

General Care & Maintenance of Milk Snakes
A general care guide for keeping Milk Snakes as pets.

Kingsnake and Milksnakes
Packed full of photos and current husbandry techniques for both novice and experienced hobbyists. Covers the various subspecies of Common Kingsnakes, Milk Snakes as well as the Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes, Mexican Kingsnakes, California Moutain Kingsnakes and Gray-banded Kingsnakes.

Life-history parameters of the red-sided garter snake...

Living Snakes of the World in Color
Provides a pictorial introduction to hundreds of species of snake, mostly ones you are likely to see at zoos and pet stores.

Rattlesnake: Portrait of a Predator
This book contains some of the most fantastic photography ever done of rattlesnakes, as well as a thoroughly researched text which makes the latest scientific information available to everyone with an interest in snakes.

Red-tailed Boas
Care and maintenance of the Red-tailed Boa, commonly called Boa Constrictors.

Rosy and Ground Boas
Rosy Boas and other boas of a similar nature are discussed.

The Atlas of Snakes of the World
This is a complete guide to snakes of the world, covering almost every species of snake known to Herpetology.

The Garter Snakes : Evolution and Ecology
This wonderful collection of Garter Snake information is a treasure for lovers of Thamnophis.

The General Care/Maintenance of the Burmese Python
Details about keeping the Burmese Python and other large pythons.

The Guide to Owning an Australian Python
Introduces the hobbyist to the varieties of Australian Pythons, including Carpet Pythons, Green Tree Pythons, Womas, Black-headed Pythons, Diamond Pythons and Spotted Pythons, describing their characteristics and natural habitat, with each species illustrated with photographs.

Venomous Reptiles of North America
A solid, scholarly natural history of all venomous reptiles north of Mexico (20 snakes and the Gila monster). Covers external morphology, venomology, and conservation with an identification key, range maps, and photos.

Venomous Snakes of the World