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Breeding & Care

Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry
Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry is designed to introduce veterinary practitioners to the diagnosis and treatment of disease in captive amphibians. Although designed for the veterinary clinician, this text is an essential part of any herpetologist's library, covering various aspects of amphibian captive husbandry and propagation while providing a firm foundation that enables the reader to evaluate a given husbandry routine.

Amphibians in Captivity
A huge volume full of excellent colour photos and info. At over 540 pages long this is one of the largest books ever seen on the hobby of keeping amphibians in captivity. Practical aspects are clear and precise. Information is detailed and accurate.

Anoles, Basilisks and Water Dragons
Great book for a person just getting started with anoles,basilisks or water dragons.

Ball Python Manual
Learn the most accurate and up-to date information on the husbandry and propagation of this misunderstood species, including tips on how to overcome problems related to feeding.

Ball Pythons

Basic Care of Rough Green Snakes
Details about caring for your pet rough green snake.

Bearded Dragon: Facts & Advice on Care and Breeding
Filled with handsome full-color photos, instructive line art, a bibliography, and an index. Several housing options are described for this exotic lizard, from a simple glass aquarium to outdoor housing in warmer climates.

Blue-tongued Skinks

Boas & Pythons: Breeding and Care

Boas: Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, and Behavior

California Kingsnakes: Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity

Care and Breeding of Popular Tree Frogs
A practical manual for the serious hobbyist keeping treefrogs.

Corn Snake Manual

Corn Snakes : Reptile Keeper's Guide

Corn Snakes and Other Rat Snakes
This book has every bit of information pet Corn Snake owners are looking for. There are great colour photos, and each page has a detailed sketch.

Day Geckos
A good beginners overview for keeping Day geckos. Covers general information, housing, feeding, breeding, diseases, and species accounts.

Frogs, Toads, and Treefrogs: Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, and Behavior

Garter Snakes: Natural History & Care in Captivity
Captive care for Thamnophis.

Geckoes: Biology, Husbandry, and Reproduction
A comprehensive guide for amateurs and professionals to all aspects of care and breeding, including housing, heating, lighting, incubation, diet, and the treatment of diseases for a large number of gecko species.

Geckos: Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, and Behavior

Geckos: Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity
Information regarding the captive propogation and management of geckos.

General Care & Maintenance of Milk Snakes
A general care guide for keeping Milk Snakes as pets.

General Care and Maintenance of Day Geckos
Covers all species and subspecies in the genus phelsuma (including limited information on those thought to be extinct), each with detailed care information and most with color photographs.

General Care of Tokay Geckos and Related Species
Find out how to select healthy animals, the importance of quarantine and acclimation, how to supplement insect diets, how to recognize diseases and everything else you will need to know to keep Tokay Geckos happy.

Green Anoles
A good resource for those who are about to purchase a Green Anole as a pet.

Green Iguana: The Ultimate Owner's Manual
In both content and presentation Green Iguana-The Ultimate Owner's Manual sets its own high standards. Most readers will consider it the definitive work on management, care and personality traits of green iguanas in captivity. If you own a green iguana or if you are thinking of getting one, you should buy this book.

Horned Frogs
Guide to keeping Horned Frogs as pets.

Keeping and Breeding Geckos

Kingsnake and Milksnakes
Packed full of photos and current husbandry techniques for both novice and experienced hobbyists. Covers the various subspecies of Common Kingsnakes, Milk Snakes as well as the Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes, Mexican Kingsnakes, California Moutain Kingsnakes and Gray-banded Kingsnakes.

Leopard and Fat-Tailed Geckos : Reptile Keeper's Guide
Leopard geckos and the related fat-tailed geckos are attractively colored and spotted lizards. Their adaptability makes them great pets. Here are detailed instructions on proper care.

Leopard Geckos
Highly regarded book that covers everything one needs to know to properly care for a Leopard Gecko.

Lizard Care from A to Z
A wide variety of information. Includes illustrations and diagrams on how to acutally set up the terrarium for your pet lizard.

Lizards Volume 1
Husbandry and Reproduction in the Vivarium: Geckos, Flap-Footed Lizards, Agamas, Chameleons, and Iguanas.

Map Turtles and Diamondback Terrapins
From the HERPETOLOGY series, a manual which explains the maintenance, breeding and care of map turtles and diamondback terrapins. Highly illustrated with individually laminated colour photographs to aid identification.

Newts - Their Care in Captivity
Discusses the natural history, care, and breeding of some of the newts commonly seen in captivity.

Newts and Salamanders: Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, and Behavior

Poison Arrow Frogs: Their Natural History and Care
A good book for anyone interested in owning Poison Arrow Frogs.

Red-Eared Sliders
Care and maintenance of the Red-eared Slider.

Red-tailed Boas
Care and maintenance of the Red-tailed Boa, commonly called Boa Constrictors.

Identification, Care and Breeding of Skinks.

The Bearded Dragon : An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
A docile animal, Beardeds are relatively easy to keep in captivity --but they do need special care --all of which will be included in this excellent source for the beginning Bearded Dragon fan.

The Bearded Dragon Manual
The authors provide the essential information for choosing, housing, feeding, interacting, and providing proper veterinary care for bearded dragons. A chapter on the frilled dragon may encourage you to also consider this fascinating Australian lizard.

The Box Turtle Manual
This highly praised manual addresses providing the proper husbandry conditions, feeding and breeding. Roger Klingenberg DVM covers the diseases and disorders of this species in great detail.

The Care of Reptiles and Amphibians in Captivity
New edition of a splendid, illustrated guide. Distributed in the US by Sterling. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

The General Care of Popular Monitors and Tegus
A fantastic book for those who like tegus and monitors.

The General Care/Maintenance of the Burmese Python
Details about keeping the Burmese Python and other large pythons.

The Guide To Owning A Box Turtle
Discusses the physical characteristics, behavior, health, and breeding of box turtles and provides information on keeping them as pets.

The Guide to Owning an Australian Python
Introduces the hobbyist to the varieties of Australian Pythons, including Carpet Pythons, Green Tree Pythons, Womas, Black-headed Pythons, Diamond Pythons and Spotted Pythons, describing their characteristics and natural habitat, with each species illustrated with photographs.

The Leopard Gecko Manual
Due to the recent popularity of Leopard Geckos, The Leopard Gecko Manual is a must have for all readers who either have or are considering purchasing a leopard gecko.

Your Bearded Dragon's Life: Your Complete Guide to Caring for Your Pet at Every Stage of Life
Your Bearded Dragon's Life was written and reviewed by reptile experts with one purpose in mind�to give you the most up-to-date information and guidance you need about the health, nutrition, and care of your bearded dragon. You will learn everything from how and what to feed your bearded dragon to the best ways to entertain and socialize your reptile friend.